The Consent Workshop The Consent Workshop: Abuja Exhibition

The Consent Workshop: Abuja Exhibition

JOIN US FOR OUR FIRST ABUJA COMMUNITY WORKSHOP! The Consent Workshop is excited to present a fun night of acoustic performances and exhibition. This will be an intimate gathering of necessary learning and unlearning. Conversations, activities and discussions on consent and rape culture, while appreciating the sounds  of local Artists in Abuja Location: THE CUBE CAFE, MAITAIMA AMUSEMENT PARK Time: 12pm – 5pm Register here Check out our past events in other cities

The Consent Workshop TCW Chat: Dayo Adedapo

TCW Chat: Dayo Adedapo

Dayo Adedapo is an accomplished professional working in a global bank and an amateur philosopher. Look him up on Twitter @TrophyHusbandD where he discusses a varied range of topics from Feminism to Politics via musings of Love Island. Dayo enjoys eating, procrastinating and drinking wine and he lives in Northampton UK with his partner who is also a banker. Dayo aspires to be an author once he gets the whole ‘procrastination’ thing out of his system. Look out for his book in 2020 or 2030…depending. This week we had a conversation about consent and toxic masculinity and here is what he had to say. Understanding Consent What does consent mean… Read More

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TCW Chat: Doreen Uloma Nwoke

Doreen Uloma Nwoke is a writer, activist, critic, entrepreneur and feminist, known by the handle @okemzuruoke on twitter. She used her social media platforms to passionately discuss gender issues while also projecting other social and political sensibilities. An alumna of Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, Doreen has featured on CNN Africa and currently works with Genevieve Magazine as a feature writer. We had a chat with the lovely Doreen, and here is what she had to say about consent. Understanding Consent What does consent mean to you I think consent is a simple, plain concept. It simply means abiding by sexual terms. There… Read More

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TCW Chat: Jade Bentil

This week we had a conversation with yet another interesting individual the importance of having the consent education and also taking action as a society.  Jade Bentil is a London-based Black Feminist Historian, public speaker and writer. Her scholarship centres the experiences of women of African descent and their long histories of feminist, anti-racist and anti-imperialist activism. In charting the global legacies of Black feminisms, Jade strives to disrupt dominant narratives of feminist history, which erase the pioneering contributions of women organising and theorising at the very boundaries of society. She will be further developing her historical research on Black Feminism as a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford in… Read More

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TCW Chat: Olutimehin Adegbeye

This month, we at The Consent Workshop are engaging in conversations with some interesting people as part of our #TCWChat campaign. We kickstart this conversation with Olutimehin Adegbeye, who was really pleasant and interesting to talk to. We spoke about Consent education, how society should get involved in the process of obtaining and teaching consent, and sexual assault including the role the government plays in it currently. Olutimehin is a writer, speaker and advocate; her work focuses on rights, inclusion and justice in the areas of Gender, Sexualities and Urbanisation. She has worked with several political, cultural, civil society and corporate organisations, and has been invited to speak at events… Read More

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