The Consent Workshop 10 Things We Can Do to Weaken Rape Culture

10 Things We Can Do to Weaken Rape Culture

We live in a time where most things, including social justice, are very accessible through the internet. Social media specifically, amplifies the voices of social justice warriors and spectators alike. With every passing day, a cause is named and framed within theory, raising yet another dimension of awareness (See: fatphobia, transphobia, misogynoir, ableism). While it may appear that we are becoming better people with the rise of consciousness, somehow, we remain unresolved about sexual consent and what is sexually inappropriate behavior. We still accommodate rape culture in such a casual, normalized way. Rape culture is any attitudes or beliefs that overlook, trivialize and/or normalize sexual assault, rape, and even “general… Read More

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The Consent Workshop What It Means To Be Queer And Sexually Traumatized (TW)

What It Means To Be Queer And Sexually Traumatized (TW)

As a queer man, sex is a significant part of my life. When most cis heterosexual people learn of my sexuality the first thing they do is sexualize me and think or wonder ‘ wow, so he fucks guys?’ or ‘ is he the one who fucks or the one who gets fucked?’, often times they vocalize this and say it right to my face.

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The Consent Workshop Consent Basics 101

Consent Basics 101

Consent shouldn’t be coerced or forced. It should be what you both agree on and what you want to do and not what you think you should do. Nobody, should ever feel that pressured Franklin Ugobude The Consent Workshop Social Media Director Sexual consent may seem easy when people talk about it. Basically, it is actively agreeing to participate in any form of sexual activity. However, in as much as one may think consent is absolutely easy, it is still one of the most difficult things ever – at least that is what the numbers say. According to the Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF) in 2017, Nigeria records 10,000… Read More

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