Deconstructing rape culture globally

The Consent Workshop was originally formed in July 2018 after an online revolution asking sexual abuse survivors to voice their thoughts and name their abusers. The Consent Workshop is fostering important dialogue on our cultural attitudes towards sex. By providing education and resources, we upset rape culture allowing youths to make healthier sex positive decisions.

The Consent Workshop distinguishes itself by building a global network that has a domino effect on sex culture. The Consent workshop has a vast network including school representatives who we work closely with to push our message in schools and colleges. We also go into schools to teach consent education for kids at risk.

We are located in Lagos, Abuja, Toronto, and St Vincent and The Grenadines. Offering workshops in either of these places or more

The Consent Workshop About us
Some of our Lagos Team Members
The Consent Workshop About us
Some of our Abuja Team Members
The Consent Workshop About us
Some of our members in St Vincent and The Grenadines
The Consent Workshop About us
Some of our Toronto Team Members

The Consent Workshop will foster positive, informed and inclusive conversations about consent among youths most vulnerable to sexual crime and violence in the community

The Consent Workshop is aimed at the primary prevention of sexual violence among youths. Through consent education, bystander education and training on recognizing different forms of sexual violence, youths are less at risk of sexual abuse.

The Consent Workshop About us

The Consent Workshop will provide youths the resources and tools available for dealing with sexual violence

The Consent Workshop also aims to challenge status quo through policy advocacy. By lending our voices to create safe spaces, we are ending injustice for sexual violence. Read about our latest petition