The Consent Workshop Training Programs

The Consent Workshop Training Programs   What are The Consent Workshop Training Programs

The Consent Workshop is a youth-led nonprofit deconstructing rape culture through consent education, resources and policy advocacy. Based in Nigeria and Canada, we offer worldwide services to countries where there is a lack of accessibility to sex education. 

Through interactive workshops, we provide thorough comprehensive trainings to the communities including schools, universities and organizations. We also act as Sexual Equity Consultants to other nonprofits and goverment agencies in the gender and sexual based field. 

Our trainings provide us a revenue to offer free workshops to communities who otherwise lack access to these resources.

The Consent Workshop Training Programs   Our Curriculum

Using our grassroots experience and curriculum development, we have created a variety of materials that are used to develop workshop content for organizations. We work with clients to address a gap in their culture or re affirm positive values that allow corporations to thrive. 

Our facilitators are experienced, empathetic and use an inclusive approach to deliver the workshops. We foster an interactive collaborative environment in our workshops, not just to teach but to encourage a continuity of this conversations across all areas of their live

We work closely with organizations to deliver tailored specific content

Example of company tailored topics include:

Understanding Consent in WorkplaceBystander Training
Grooming What is Sexual Assault?
Reversing normalization of Rape CultureSpotting early signs of Abuse
Power Imbalance in RelationshipsUnderstanding Consent in the Workplace and Workplace Harassment
Dismantling Bro-code: A tool to perpetuate sexual violenceReaffirming Sex Positive Spaces

Our experienced facilitators can adapt our curriculum and content to any group. Simply contact us regarding the nature of your group and we will be glad to help.

We have had the pleasure of providing workshops for government agencies, non-profits, schools, businesses and other sexual health experts including Intimacy Coordinators.

The Consent Workshop Training Programs Past Clients

We have worked with a variety of organizations and schools across the world. Including

The Consent Workshop Training Programs

The Consent Workshop Training Programs How do we get a Consent Workshop Training

Although primarily based in Nigeria and Canada, our training workshops can be offered remotely worldwide or physically in person for cities including Toronto and Lagos. For physical workshops in other cities, please email directly.

As well as courses offered to individuals we offer the following:

Countries No of Participants (Option 1 ) No of Participants (Option 2) No of Participants (option 3)
Canada ( North America) 2-20 People20-50 people 50-100 people 
Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos and Other African Countries 2-20 people20-50 people50-100 people
  • A 2 hour facilitation training workshop specifically tailored to you and your organization
  • A training Graduation certificate for the completion of our training program

Please contact for exact price and invoice, and initial consultation