The Consent Workshop Training Programs

The Consent Workshop Training Programs   What are The Consent Workshop Training Programs

At The Consent Workshop we recognize the importance of consent education in all aspects of life. Not limited to our community workshops, we believe that the education of healthier sex practices should be offered in all settings. Over the past years of operating we have developed and designed workshop curriculums that have proven to be effective. We take a hands on interactive approach to dissect the issues of rape culture – while providing effective solutions to create spaces.

The Consent workshop offers a variety workshops and training sessions for your organizations, schools and businesses.  Do you need our workshop sessions in your establishment?

The Consent Workshop Training Programs How do we get a Consent Workshop Training

Our training workshops are offered remotely. However, physically we currently cater to the following locations and countries but are looking to expand our reach in the coming months:

CountriesNo of Participants (Option 1)No of Participants (Option 2)No of Participants (Option 3)
Canada (North America)0- 20 people20-50 people50-100 people
Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos, and other African countries)0- 20 people20-50 people50-100 people
St Vincent and Grenadine and Jamaica0- 20 people20-50 people50-100 people
Sierra Leone (Freetown and 16 Districts)0- 20 people20-50 people50-100 people

What are we offering

  • 2 hour facilitation training workshop including visual presentation deck and activities
  • 30 minute initial consultation with The Consent Workshop to determine topics, information on group and price
  • A Training Graduation certificate for the completion of our training program

Please contact for exact price and invoice, and initial consultation

The Consent Workshop Training Programs   Our Curriculum

Our training programs are designed to cover a variety of topics dependent on a case-to-case basis. You can request training in a particular area, or The Consent Workshop team can work hand in hand with you to create an applicable training curriculum. We have content geared towards men and women, or both as needed. We respect all sexuality, gender, race and age and therefore will not refuse any trainings based on the listed. Our curriculums are comprehensive – respect pronouns and create a safe space for interactive learning

Below are some of the topics we can cover during our training sessions. Our syllabus includes but is not limited to;

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Dismantling “Bro-code”
  • Fear of rejection vs asking men of consent
  • Client- practitioner relationships (How consent can exist in these relationships)
  • Basic explanation of consent
  • By stander training – identifying signs of abuse
  • Supporting an abuse victim after early signs
  • Grooming
  • Normalization of rape culture
  • We also offer specific training on the state of gender equality in Nigeria – to organizations, nonprofits and other groups interested in building or using frame work that address sexual and reproductive rights.