The Consent Workshop Training Programs

The Consent Workshop Training Programs   What are The Consent Workshop Training Programs

In our typical operations, we run 3 different types of workshops designed to be informative, educative and most importantly interactive. 

Now, our organization specializes in providing hands off interactive approaches and professional training workshops hosted by trained facilitators. This might be coaching all participants on the importance of creating a safe workplace environment or explaining the importance of consent. As an organization we have done invaluable research on the startling violence within corporations and organizations. Anywhere between 25% of men and 80% of men in the workplace have faced some form of sexual harassment

This appears in different forms including:

  • coercion for sexual favors
  • comments about a person’s appearance or behavior
  • personal insults and offensive language
  • personal intrusion from pestering or stalking
  • unwanted physical contact

The Consent Workshop Training Programs   Our Curriculum

We ensure that each training consists of the necessary resources to improve workplace cultures; with the appropriate tailored lectures and materials to support the training, With the necessary tools and information we can promote a much safer workplace environment  free from sexual violence. 

Some predeveloped essential curriculum created include:

  • Fear of rejection vs Asking for consent: Aimed at all gender audience interested in unlearning biases and negative behaviors encouraged by rape culture. 
  • Client- practitioner relationships: Workshop aimed at workplaces or spaces with client-patient relationships. Focused on how consent can exist in these relationships. 
  • Basic explanation of consent: Targeted at all audiences interested in learning consent and many ways it can take place.
  • Bystander training – Correctly identifying signs of abuse as well as intervening
  • Supporting an abuse victim after early signs
  • Grooming 
  • Reversing normalization of rape culture, etc

The Consent Workshop Training Programs How do we get a Consent Workshop Training

Although based in Nigeria and Canada, our training workshops are offered remotely.

Countries No of Participants (Option 1 ) No of Participants (Option 2) No of Participants (option 3)
Canada ( North America) 0-20 People20-50 people 50-100 people 
Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos and Other African Countries 0-20 people20-50 people50-100 people
  • A 2 hour facilitation training workshop specifically tailored to you and your organization
  • A training Graduation certificate for the completion of our training program

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