The Consent Workshop
Deconstructing rape culture through consent education and raised awareness
A safe space
The Consent Workshop is a safe space for interactive conversations on boundaries of consent and recognizing sexual violence
Free Resources
Teaching, legal and mental resources for sexual violence prevention and survivors.

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The Consent Workshop Movement

The Consent workshop is a youth-led grassroots movement aimed at deconstructing rape culture through consent education, raised awareness and provision of resources. Originating in Toronto, The Consent Workshop aims to work within communities to break the silence of sexual abuse and foster a positive sex culture among youths. Our goals align with Sustainable Development Goal 5 and 16. We bring consent education to schools and youths at risk of violence


Our workshops are interactive safe spaces designed to foster discussions on topics such as boundaries of consent, recognizing sexual violence and how to adequately respond to sexual violence. Facilitated by professionals, we provide mental and legal resources for youths at risk of sexual violence.