Before writing for The Consent Workshop blog, we strongly encourage you to read the following guidance. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Franklin Ugobude, our Director of Media and Communications at

Before you start typing away, here are a few questions that should help you

What type of content can I write on The Consent Workshop Blog?

We currently accept opinion pieces, reflection on current and special events, concept explanations, work of fiction and explainer articles. If what you want to write doesn’t fall in here, feel free to send an email to for clarity.

Who reads The Consent Workshop blog?

We like to think of our readers as one of the following or a combination of these

  • Feminists
  • People who are willing to learn and unlearn
  • Individuals looking to have open conversations about related concepts
  • Those who are determined to dismantle patriarchy and all its tools

The majority of our readers are based in Africa, but we also have hundreds of thousands of readers in the Americas and Europe.

What do you look for in an article?

We encourage our writers to create stuff that makes it worth the time of the reader. We love personal pieces, stuff that is original and not so talked about. We advise that the articles

  • Are free of spelling errors
  • Are a maximum of 1000-1500 words
  • Have a relevant image with sources to your article
  • Include relevant links
  • Are interesting and relevant

Should I pitch an idea or submit a draft?

We are happy to receive both.