The Consent Workshop consists of a large network of youths from all over the world. We have a strong network of school representatives, lawyers, liaisons and social media experts.


The Consent Workshop Leadership Team

Uche Umolu founded the Consent Workshop in July 2018, after an online revolution asking survivors to message her, and speak their truth. The revolution inspired her to realize that for any change to occur in our communities, we must get everyone talking about rape culture- hence the birth of The Consent Workshop. With the help of a strong support team, Uche oversees and manages the overall operations of the movement from Toronto. In the day time, she is a digital brand strategist with a focus in technology. Currently Uche is one of Canada’s 2019 Young Innovators selected by United Nations Canada & British Council. She is also recognized by CIBWE as one of 100 black women to watch in Toronto 2019

Director of Media and Communications

The Consent Workshop Leadership Team

Leading our communications efforts, Franklin Ugobude is a Director for The Consent Workshop. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Franklin works in Digital Marketing, specialising in Content Curation and Strategy. He strongly believes in gender equality and the need for inclusivity in public spaces.

With over five years of experience in Digital Marketing, Franklin oversees all the content at TCW, as well as the newsletter (to which you should subscribe, by the way). When he is not working, he’s most likely watching a TV show or writing. Have a literary piece for TWC community blog? Contact

Program Coordinator – Toronto

The Consent Workshop Leadership Team

Cherral (cherry) Isa is the Program coordinator of The Consent Workshop in Canada. Cherral has been a part of The Consent Workshop since its inception. Based in Toronto, she oversees and manages the various projects undertaken by The Consent Workshop. Cherral has an Honour BA in Economic and a Certified Associate in Project Management. In addition, Cherral also has 6 years experience in finance and 4 years in nonprofit with focus on women’s rights and poverty eradication. Contact Cherry at

Program Coordinator – The Caribbeans (St Vincent and The Grenadines)

The Consent Workshop Leadership Team

Our Program Coordinator, Tosin is a 20 year old aspiring medical doctor, she is passionate about women rights and gender equality. If Tosin isn’t buried in a book, she’s creating memories that’ll last a lifetime.
She is committed to making an impact on the world by allowing her each-ness to shine in the all-ness of life.

Tosin can be reached at

Program Coordinator – Lagos

The Consent Workshop Leadership Team

Ola Olaitan is the lead program coordinator in Lagos. She works closely with the Lagos Liaisons. Ola is a 24 year old graduate in Media and Communications from Coventry University. Ola was born and raised in the UK, but spent most of her teenage years in Nigeria. Ola has worked in the media industry for 3 years as an OAP in a number of respectable companies. Known for her voice on radio and TV, Ola uses skill set to communicate with the people on issues she is passionate about. She loves to help people and ensure people’s rights are respected. Ola joined The Consent workshop because she believes advocating against rape culture is a cause worth fighting for.

Looking to collaborate with or sponsor a TCW event in Lagos? contact Ola at ola@theconsentworkshop

Program Coordinator – Abuja

The Consent Workshop Leadership Team

Dr Zara Natalie Dilli is our lead program coordinator in Abuja, and other Northern parts of Nigeria. Dr Zara is a trained dental professional with a passion for humanitarian acts of services. Zara is also the CEO of Mobidoc, a health consultation app, that is also one of our mental resources. Alongside her mother, Zara also runs an NGO, The Oak Orientation Initiative which empowers women and youths via education and skill acquisition. She is an excellent team player, easy to talk to and results orientated.

Looking to collaborate with or sponsor a TCW event in Abuja? contact Zara at

Program Coordinator – Accra

The Consent Workshop Leadership Team

Dzifa Tamakloe is the Ghana Program Coordinator at The Consent Workshop. At her young age, she holds two degrees in Fine Arts(BFA) and Law(LLB) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. She is passionate about human rights advocacy, environmental issues and gender inequality. Dzifa is currently a numismatic legal researcher and a marketing intern with an NGO that seeks to educate underprivileged children in rural Ghana.If Dzifa is not buried in research work,she is listening to podcasts,reading online or drinking wine with her sisters at Serallio. Interested in collaborating or sponsoring a TCW event in Accra? contact

Programs Coordinator– Canada

The Consent Workshop Leadership Team

Adaeze Nnamdi is a programs coordinator at The Consent Workshop. She has an Honours degree in International Development; Rural and Agricultural Development from the University of Guelph. She is passionate about agriculture, food sovereignty, youth sustainability and gender inequality. Ada has contributed directly to the society in several ways through volunteering at food banks, hospitals, conducting research works on environmental justice, and is currently on the importance of representation of women in agriculture. She uses her skill sets to plan and manage workshop events and projects across Canada.She loves travelling, cooking, reading literature and conducting independent research on herbal medicine.

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The TCW leadership team is supported by a network of volunteers