The Consent Workshop Yes, consent applies to asexual people too

Yes, consent applies to asexual people too

Because the language of consent is often deployed to attractions that are precise or popular, we run the risk of excluding others who navigate attraction differently. Asexuality, the sexual orientation that involves little or no sexual attraction, hasn’t much been explored vis-à-vis consent. To some degree, the queer community also fails to recognise asexuals (or aces) and as Pride grinds to a halt, it’s become even more imperative to busts some myths surrounding asexuality and how consent can be applied to their identity.  First, I would like to acknowledge that I’m not asexual and don’t speak for the asexual community. I’m only writing from the standpoint of observing boundaries regardless… Read More

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The Consent Workshop How the Nigerian Justice System Fails Women

How the Nigerian Justice System Fails Women

Statistically, one in every four girls in Nigeria have experienced some form of sexual assault by the time they are 18 years of age. Nigerian Society has been so desensitized to hearing stories of rape, that for the most part no one is in shock anymore. Victims have a hard time speaking up for fear of retaliation and shame yet the Nigerian Justice system clearly defines rape as a criminal offence. Enforcers of the law in the form of the police force, maintain a roster of misogynistic officers who not only demand ‘motivation’ to get involved in cases, but they end up compounding cases and doing nothing to alleviate the… Read More

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The Consent Workshop Consent in Queer Relationships

Consent in Queer Relationships

  More often than not, queer people are excluded from a lot of conversations – conversations about relationships, consent and a host of others. For our #21DaysOfConsent campaign, we spoke to some queer people to understand what they thought about queer relationships, rape and sexual abuse, consent and existing in Nigeria generally. We spoke to Desmond who is gay, Temilade who is lesbian, Victor who is gay and Adaeze who is bisexual and here’s what they told us Hey guys! Thanks for being here. What would you say consent is to you? Vincent: Consent to me is when someone enthusiastically agrees to engage in sexual activities without their agreement being forced… Read More

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The Consent Workshop Honouring Victims and Survivors of Rape

Honouring Victims and Survivors of Rape

  Beacons Of Hope And Not Hashtags.  Although their names have become known after death, their stories told after death, the world awake after death, Uwaila, Barakat, Azeezat, Faith Jude and many others who were robbed of their lives were full of life and aspirations before they became hashtags and topics of necessary discussions that should have happened ages ago. Their lives were canvasses of brightness, love, dreams, and even struggles before they became memories. In the midst of the chaos, they have left behind family, friends, and a community of people that will like to remember them as living, breathing beacons of hope. Now and forever we remember:  … Read More

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The Consent Workshop How Purity Culture Enables Rape Culture

How Purity Culture Enables Rape Culture

Purity culture: any teaching that places the honour of a girl/woman on her vagina and reinforces the idea that premarital sex make women worthless. Purity /noun/: the state or quality of being pure. Pure /adjective/: clean and not containing any harmful substances; complete and total. Purity culture is blaming Eve for giving the apple to Adam and enticing him to sin. Every Christian girl knows Eve is the architect of our misfortune. Every bad thing women experience today is a result of Eve’s sin. Purity culture is comparing girls who are sexually active to expired food products. Because you know, girls automatically become expired milk after they have sex. It… Read More

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