Mental Health Resources

The Consent Workshop works closely in partnership with a number of organizations, globally to streamline mental resources to survivors.


Thrive M is an initiative birthed by Lola Olawo, Olivia Onuk and Funmilade Taiwo, to foster an atmosphere of open conversation around mental health and mental illnesses, as it relates to African youth in Canada.
Thrive aims to:

  • Decrease the stigma around mental health and mental illnesses
  • Equip individuals to support themselves and others in their community
  • Identify and build upon existing coping strategies in our communities
  • Increase awareness of available resources for those in need of care.

Drug Rehab

The Consent Workshop Mental Health Resources

DrugRehab is a web resource that provides information and support to people fighting addiction and related mental health disorders. To cope with the pain of domestic and sexual abuse, many victims turn to the use of drugs and alcohol- their mission is to be a support resource for those coping with theses issues.

The Recovery Village

The Consent Workshop Mental Health Resources

The Recovery Village® provides comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab programs, as well as co-occurring mental health issues


The Consent Workshop Mental Health Resources

MobiDoc is a mobile health platform that is primarily targeted at Nigerians to consult medical doctors & other health professionals, on demand, with their mobile devices. It is available on iOS & Google play stores

In collaboration with TCW, Mobidoc will be able to assist any victims of a sexual crime by offering safe, easy & comfortable pathway to connect survivors with professionals that deal with sexual health and crimes against it. It will also be able to connect victims to professionals that deal with mental health and its illnesses.

Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI)

The Consent Workshop Mental Health Resources

MANI is a non-profit organization focused on raising awareness on mental health and illnesses as well as working to connect service users to mental health professionals. The Consent Workshop has partnered with MANI to offer mental health services to those who need it.

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