The Consent Workshop Consent Basics 101

Consent Basics 101

Consent shouldn’t be coerced or forced. It should be what you both agree on and what you want to do and not what you think you should do. Nobody, should ever feel that pressured Franklin Ugobude The Consent Workshop Social Media Director Sexual consent may seem easy when people talk about it. Basically, it is actively agreeing to participate in any form of sexual activity. However, in as much as one may think consent is absolutely easy, it is still one of the most difficult things ever – at least that is what the numbers say. According to the Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF) in 2017, Nigeria records 10,000… Read More

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The Consent Workshop Imposter Syndrome: Navigating Harrasment in Higher Institutions

Imposter Syndrome: Navigating Harrasment in Higher Institutions

Imposter syndrome is simply an indication of self-doubt during clear waves of success. From Academia to the workplace, there’s a feeling of “doubt” or “not deserving” in moments of success even if as a matter of fact, an individual’s dedication and hard work was what brought them to success. Feelings of fraud force these to remain silent. Why? Because society has placed a mandate for how a victim should look like, and is a lot more sympathetic to victims who meet these standards. Annabel Oromoni This feeling varies in different ways. Imposter syndrome is when the mixed race girl struggles to fully blend into her identity as a black woman… Read More

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The Consent Workshop The TCW Community is for you

The TCW Community is for you

Rape culture is deeply woven into the fabric of our society. It is a culture that normalizes sexual violence, victim blaming, slut shaming, sexual objectification, trivialization of rape and generally causes rape to be pervasive due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality. The Consent Workshop aims to change that. The Consent Workshop was created to continue breaking the silence against sexual abuse through the provision of consent education and resources. The Founder of TCW, Uche Umolu, started this movement as a result of an online #MeToo revolution- breaking the silence of sexual abuse in our society. TCW begun by asking young men and women that have suffered from any… Read More

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The Consent Workshop Calling for TCW writers

Calling for TCW writers

Welcome To The Consent Workshop Community; a safe space to learn about sexual safety, consent and get resources TCW community needs you. TCW community seeks to foster positive and informed conversations about consent and rape culture as a whole. It is an online platform for writers to join in and start conversations that challenge pervasive ideas of consent as well as foster a continuous dialogue on our cultural attitude towards sex. Our community will be open to writers that would love to share their contents ranging from rape, sexual violence, slut shaming, sex work to various other related topics including violence in LGBT+ relationships. If you are interested in writing… Read More

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