The Consent Workshop Slut-Shaming: Fast Black girls

Slut-Shaming: Fast Black girls

The term ‘fast’ denotes a girl who has matured sexually beyond her years. While we’re not too sure how one could mature sexually beyond one’s age, we are certain that it is a term used to justify the slut-shaming and sexual assault of black girls in society. While discussing slut shaming it is important to recognize the intersections within this discussion and the difference in experience within racialized groups. It seems a bit redundant that slut-shaming still has to be explained to the larger public, that no one woman is better than the other for the choices she makes in terms of sexual activities or appearance. For reference, however Slut-shaming,… Read More

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The Consent Workshop How Purity Culture Enables Rape Culture

How Purity Culture Enables Rape Culture

Purity culture: any teaching that places the honour of a girl/woman on her vagina and reinforces the idea that premarital sex make women worthless. Purity /noun/: the state or quality of being pure. Pure /adjective/: clean and not containing any harmful substances; complete and total. Purity culture is blaming Eve for giving the apple to Adam and enticing him to sin. Every Christian girl knows Eve is the architect of our misfortune. Every bad thing women experience today is a result of Eve’s sin. Purity culture is comparing girls who are sexually active to expired food products. Because you know, girls automatically become expired milk after they have sex. It… Read More

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The Consent Workshop Back to the Basics. Let’s Talk Consent!

Back to the Basics. Let’s Talk Consent!

As important as consent is and as talked about as it seems to be, we still donʼt talk about it enough, so itʼs understandable if youʼre not completely sure of what it is and what it is not. Because of the way consent is received whenever it is brought up, the discourse around it is somewhat pacifying but thatʼs the wrong way to talk about it. So what is the right way to talk about it? We live in a world where comedians feel rape stories in which they are the perpetrators, are a funny anecdote. We live in a world were Brad Williams describes himself partaking in sexual activities with a… Read More

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The Consent Workshop Dear Men, Here’s How To Be An Ally

Dear Men, Here’s How To Be An Ally

I’ll be spelling ‘women’ as ‘womxn’ in this article. Just to piss off the patriarchy lords and ladies. Feminist activist, Eniola Hu is of the opinion—which I strongly believe and accept— that men cannot be feminists. However, you can be an ally. We define male allies as members of an advantaged group (men) who are committed to building relationships with womxn, expressing as little sexism in their own behaviour as possible, understanding the social privilege conferred by their gender, and demonstrating active efforts to address and smash gender inequalities at work, home, society and everywhere they find themselves. So, here’s what you MUST know to become an ally or be… Read More

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