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There are only two known sex offenders registry in Nigeria one in Lagos established in 2014 and another in Ekiti. These registries are however not updated regularly. A sex offender registry is a database containing information about convicted sex offenders. This is maintained and accessed by law enforcement to keep track of the activities of sex offenders in the community. It is necessary to have one in every state because citizens have a right to know if a sex offender resides in their neighbourhood, it is also a useful tool for law enforcement in the identification of sexual offenders. This ensures the safety of citizens. The consent workshop has launched… Read More

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The Consent Workshop 10 Things We Can Do to Weaken Rape Culture

10 Things We Can Do to Weaken Rape Culture

We live in a time where most things, including social justice, are very accessible through the internet. Social media specifically, amplifies the voices of social justice warriors and spectators alike. With every passing day, a cause is named and framed within theory, raising yet another dimension of awareness (See: fatphobia, transphobia, misogynoir, ableism). While it may appear that we are becoming better people with the rise of consciousness, somehow, we remain unresolved about sexual consent and what is sexually inappropriate behavior. We still accommodate rape culture in such a casual, normalized way. Rape culture is any attitudes or beliefs that overlook, trivialize and/or normalize sexual assault, rape, and even “general… Read More

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The Consent Workshop Sleep Was My Escape (TW)

Sleep Was My Escape (TW)

TRIGGER WARNING: SEXUAL ABUSE I was not the perfect victim. I get slut-shamed to this very day, because I was not your good girl with the long skirts. I am constantly told I must have asked for it, that I didn’t fight back enough. I froze. Olohije Oyakhire  They didn’t understand my reaction to this violence. Sexual Violence, a term I have come to prefer saying in place of the four letter word that means I have been tainted. My soul was darkened by that morning and I don’t think I can ever be free. He is coming back. I still see him in my dreams, his tall frame and… Read More

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The Consent Workshop The Genesis and Cycle of Slut Shaming

The Genesis and Cycle of Slut Shaming

Slut Shaming is a vigorous and highly effective tool of Patriarchy and its gatekeepers. It is one of the simplest and commonest ways to force women to shrink themselves, to be less and to restrain them from taking an active role in their sex lives. I remember the first time I was slut-shamed. I was 12, and I’d been a huge tomboy, only concerning myself with anime, football and rap music. Boys never saw me as a girl: I was too boyish, too awkward and too plain to capture the fancy of any boy in a school with a huge disproportionate girl to boy ratio. I was content with my… Read More

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The Consent Workshop Social Media Shaming: A Valid Punishment for Rapists

Social Media Shaming: A Valid Punishment for Rapists

No matter what evil is done in our despicable society, according to culture if its not in the light it is permissible. It is this narrative that has allowed sexual violence to become so steep in our community. And this is where we come in- to flip the narrative and use it to drive out this evil omen in our society. It works. It sure does work. Uche Umolu, Founder of The Consent Workshop Here are some hard cold facts to chew on before we begin. Men are most likely to be raped than to be accused falsely of rape. Go fact check.  (So save your future comments on false… Read More

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